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What is Ngraph?
  • Ngraph is a program creating scientific 2-dimensinal graphs for researchers and engineers.
  • Ngraph reads numerical data from a flexible text file, and plots it in the graph.
  • Ngraph can create the graph sutable for presentations and for papers.
  • Ngraph also assists data analysis.
  • Sorry, English documents are NOT still available.
Ngraph is working on
  • Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP/VISTA (freeware).
  • Linux, BSD, Unix (freeware, GNU General Public License).
Features of Ngraph
  • Easy to use due to graphical user interface.
  • High operativity due to multi window interface.
  • Plot with broken lines, marks (90 kinds), curves (spline and B-spline interpolation), arrows, rectangles, error bars, bars, etc.
  • Fitting by n-th polynomial or user defined math functions.
  • Fitting with weight by any math function.
  • Data conversion by math expression.
  • File output of converted data.
  • Evaluation, mask, and movement of the plotted data.
  • Linear plot, semi-log plot, log-log plot.
  • Two or more graphs are created in a page.
  • Linkage of the axis scale in multi graph.
  • Appending the (saved) graph to the current graph.
  • Saving graph with data attached.
  • Zooming, trimming, undoing of the axis scale.
  • Grid is added to the axis.
  • Automatic setup of the axis scale.
  • Detailed setup of gauging and numbering for axis.
  • Legend by lines, curves, polygons, rectangles, ellipses, marks, texts.
  • High functional text legend such as a display of date, file name, contents of the data file, etc.
  • Automatic legend creation.
  • Legend by a parabola, gauss function, Lorentz function, and sin function.
  • Automatic legend creation of fitting results.
  • Fixed form processing by add-in scripts.
  • Automatic processing by scripts.
  • Export via clip board and meta file (Windows version).
  • Compact PostScript file creation (suitable for electrical submition).
  • Export via original simple graphics file.
  • Perfect data compatibility between Windows and Unix.
Screen shot
Windows version Linux version

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